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A Guide To The Mitsubishi Ecodan

The Mitsubishi ecodan is an air source heat pump which can supply heating and electricity to properties by means of using eco - friendly energy. Renewable energy is a rapidly growing sector and increasingly more and more organisations and governments are moving towards this form of energy. This guide will examine the overall effectiveness and advantages of the Mitsubishi ecodan as well as looking at alternatives to determine what the best form of energy may be.

What Is Renewable Energy?

In order to understand what the true benefits of the Mitsubishi ecodan are it is important to first understand exactly what renewable energy is and how it can benefit you. Renewable energy is a new form of energy technology which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. It is made up of technologies that generate power or heating by using natural sources such as water , wind or solar power. Instead of burning fossil fuels to produce carbon dioxide and emissions renewable energy systems have almost zero negative impact on the environment and are overall much more eco-friendly. One of the most beneficial features about renewable energy sources is that they can be used time and time again without damaging the environment or draining a resource. Although initial expenditure on renewable energy can be slightly higher than normal in the long term it proves to be a significantly better financial option as it can produce power for many years to come.

What Is The Mitsubishi Ecodan Ground Source Heat Pump And What Are The Benefits?

The Mitsubishi ecodan air source heat pump is a form of renewable energy that draws energy from water below ground. Normally this pump can be used to heat small to medium properties. There are a number of unique advantages to the Mitsubishi ecodan which I will list below-

  • Helps to reduce and cut overall co2 emissions
  • Easy to design, install and maintain overall
  • little overall maintenance required
  • Can work with other forms of systems
  • Heating can be controlled via an app allowing for flexibility and control of the heating inside and outside of the property

As well as the benefits mentioned above there are also a number of government incentives that are available for people who are looking to purchase any form of renewable energy. This is known as the renewable energy heat incentive. Through this incentive those who purchase a heat pump or other form of renewable energy that produces heat can benefit from payments from the government every year for seven years. This is a large payment and can greatly reduce the overall cost of the renewable energy in the long term.

Alternatives To The Heat Pump

As well as the heat pump there are a variety of other forms of renewable energy which can be used to generate electricity or heat within a property. One form of renewable energy which could rival the heat pump in terms of efficiency is solar energy panels. Solar panels can generate electricity by absorbing UV rays and they can pick these up through almost any weather.

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